MoSAIQ is very active in the Fintech industry providing consulting services, in addition to an off the shelf Institutional AI powered Advisory solution paving the way for a new generation of professional investors better armed  to serve their clients’ needs and help their clients meet their financial goals.
“Don’t ask us what the MaxDrawDown is, you decide”
The AI powered advisory platform allows to turn what are usually questions asked by potential investors into requirements and investment objectives. Hence, with the AI powered advisory platform instead of asking “what is the strategy MaxDrawDown?” the investor will decide what MaxDrawDown he is comfortable with and that is what the strategy will implement as an objective.

The investor can couple his risk objective with a performance objective and decides to limit MaxDrawDwon while maximizing either Mean Return or Sharpe Ratio or any other risk or performance metric. In other words, the AI powered advisory platform enable us to make the following statement “Don’t ask us what the MaxDrawDown is, you decide”.